I'm a guy, and I happen to have 24 years living on Planet Earth.

You can find here things I love and enjoy...
Music: classical, baroque, swing, jazz, blues, psychedelia, old school rock, trip-hop, darkwave, coldwave, synthpop and shoegaze.
Cinema: film noir, precode films, alternative cinema, gay themed films.
Famous people: that I admire or like.
Characters: in books, tv or movies that I find incredibly amusing or that I happen to be in love.
Poems, writings, photographies and art.
I enjoy comments, I really do.

Arch Beach, Laguna by Jean Mannheim (1915).


Arch Beach, Laguna by Jean Mannheim (1915).


Zeitungsjunge by Conrad Felixmüller -German 1897-1977- (1928).


Zeitungsjunge by Conrad Felixmüller -German 1897-1977- (1928).


Floraison by Henri Martin (1912).


Floraison by Henri Martin (1912).


L’arc-en-ciel à Veere by Théo van Rysselberghe (1906).


L’arc-en-ciel à Veere by Théo van Rysselberghe (1906).

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Some answers!

To yellowcosmos, on the new music:

To be honest, I don’t hear much “new music” I just stayed in old music, the newest band I heard was this shoegaze band Silversun Pickups and it’s not that new, I’ll try to think about somewhat new music,  if you’re into darkwave hear Lebanon Hanover or maybe Sixth June, if you are into coldwave and this atmospherical music, listen to Xeno & Oaklander, and if you’re into dream pop and beautiful vocals Lucia, or maybe for something more contemporary Nils Bech, rockabilly? try Imelda May.

And well, now I’ve told about “new bands” I’ll recommend a few that aren’t new at all but that aren’t really well known (although they should), late sixties and early seventies is important to me, so we had Frumpy, Uriah Heep, Warhorse, The Modern Lovers. If you like jazz, for the east coast hear to Art and his jazz messangers and for the west coast jazz just hear to Chet, but if you’re more into traditional jazz hear to Ethel. If the eighties are your thing: Killing Joke.

Hope you like something of that!

To maximiliani, on my summer:

Rainy! Besides of working, I’ve watched silly comedies such as The Internship (2013), Delivery Man (2013),  The Sitter (2011), Hot Fuzz (2007) -which I know doesn’t helps much- but I also discovered Umberto Boccioni paintings and drawings and I watched The Thin Man (1934), I hope your play is going well (I think you announced you already finished it).

To loststarship, on fictional books:

For that I would have to ask first: what do you like?

Because I think The Sheltering Sky by Paul Bowles is a great book, the same I think that The Wild Palms by William Faulkner is amazing, and I also enjoy Rabindranath Tagore short stories (check out this one: The Skeleton), but all those authors are very different from each other (although all of them coverge on their stylism), and I don’t know if any of those would suit your taste, I hope so.

Thank you all for asking!


I need interaction…

Ask me things, ask me to recommend you something.


enigmaxtico: what defines you?

Thank you for asking enigmaxtico!

What defines me?

My furrowed brow.

My thin lips.

My love for beauty… even if simple or complex, even if somewhat unusual or hidden, and even if hidden in the unthinkable, even if hidden in multitudes or in the open, even if rusted or weather-beaten, even if holdable or ethereal.

My search of loyalty (and how I offer the same).

My simplicity of finding happiness in homely food.

My love for Childe Hassam’s paintings, in which I wish I could live.

My travels through the wondrous paintings of Marc Chagall that revolve around love, longing and imagination.

My endless interest for westerns and film noir.

How I regard the same the always sad fairy tales of steadfast love of Hans Christian Andersen and at the same time how I can take delight in the Jean Genet or William S. Burroughs books.

How much like a child I can laugh of goofy jokes and how much like an annoying needy baby with anger issues I can be.

This Chet Baker and Piero Umiliani song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suC98T4lh2A

Recommend me something!

A gay themed film (even if just indirectly gay themed, but something good).

An artist (painter, sculptor, musician, film maker) that I’ve never heard of and that you think I might like his/her work based on the things I post.

Something cool!


Somebody talk to me! Please?