The wild swan

I'm a guy, and I happen to have 24 years living on Planet Earth.

You can find here things I love and enjoy...
Music: classical, baroque, swing, jazz, blues, psychedelia, old school rock, trip-hop, darkwave, coldwave, synthpop and shoegaze.
Cinema: film noir, precode films, alternative cinema, gay themed films.
Famous people: that I admire, or like, or want to fuck (not necessarily all at the same time, well... even it could be).
Characters: in books, tv or movies that I find incredibly amusing or that I happen to be in love.
Poems, writings, photographies and art.
I enjoy comments, I really do.

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  • Small Composition III by Franz Marc.Circa 1913 - 1914.

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    Small Composition III by Franz Marc.
    Circa 1913 - 1914.